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The Great Skate Giveaway

We gave away 75 boards on July 30th!

There was electricity in the air when we delivered free boards in Newburgh on July 30th. Kevin and I loved seeing Marta and Nicole, who we had watched learn to snowboard at Wyndham Mountain in February, come to get a free skateboard and say hello. My favorite moment came when Matthew, who had gotten his first skateboard ever last year, and now was doing tricks, and loving to ride, brought his little brother Juan back for his first board.

Matthew at Hacienda Skate Shop was great at getting just the right board for the right kid. And Lauren and Donette from Keep It Moving were the organizational royalty that day!

Fishing Trip!

Last week Kevin and I spent the night at Joey Yasgur's home in Kent, CT. with Craig Meisner and kids from CatRock Ventures.

Favorite moments came when Kevin and I taught 20 yr old Jonathan to fish and he caught his first fish. It was a little fish which caused A LOT of excitement and joy! Here's part of the crew making dinner in the amazing kitchen.

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