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Keaton's Kids 2023 Year End

Thank you from all of us at Keaton's Kids. We are where we are today because of each of you! And we did it for Keat!

As we welcome in another New Year with Keaton's Kids, we are full of gratitude and reflect back on the events of the year which have filled our hearts with joy and wonder.

We are where we are today because of each of you. Keaton's Kids started out as a simple thought--"How can we honor Keaton's legacy and lust for life?"

From that thought, Keaton's Kids was born. You all have supported that thought, that legacy, that creation, with your encouragement and your financial support.

Thank you to all our 2023 donors, our dedicated and passionate partners, like CatRock Ventures, Shred, NESC, and Keep It Moving, and everyone who has followed one social media post, or told our story to a friend, or just sent us good wishes.

It all matters! every little bit of it.

Thank you to the kids who entrusted their care to us as we taught them to ride bikes, or stretched their comfort levels on ropes courses, or hiking, or swimming.

My heart is so full thinking about this past year. Thanks for being a part of it.



Check out our year end report:

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