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Keaton's Kids Spring Update

We've had a great spring!

With the support of Keaton's Kids, the CatRock Ventures Cycling Academy is off to a roaring start this year! Here we are starting a new group of kids from PS 159 in the Bronx on a bike ride in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx.

On May 19th, Keaton's Kids was a supporter of the Five Points Adventure Film Festival in NYC.

This festival is run by Inspiring Connections Outdoors, which is part of the Sierra Club. By supporting the festival Keaton's Kids gets the opportunity to be an agency organization of the Sierra Club, which will help us with things like transportation and insurance, two big ticket items for our programs. We will also be getting outdoor wilderness training and safety training.  

What happens when you arm wrestle a fifth grader? 

You get whomped, that's what! In between hiking and swimming, Cat had the opportunity to arm wrestle Christian at the Harriman Park sleepover with CatRock Ventures. Amazing how strong that Christian is! She got walloped! 

Bomb's away!

Nothing like eating "en plein air"! At this campout in beautiful Harriman park for PS 159 5th graders, most had never slept in a tent outdoors before, and some had never spent the night away from home. A true adventure! And they had a surprise visitor. A HUGE snapping turtle! (Don't worry, the kids were safe)

Kevin spent a week up at Jay Peak with the CatRock Leadership Training group. They kept the kids going from early morning until night with all kinds of fun activities, from rock climbing to snow shoeing to visiting a dairy farm and seeing how maple syrup is made.

We have so much to look forward to this year--stay tuned!

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