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Becoming a Keaton’s Kids Partner

Keaton’s Kids is looking to partner with other non-profit organizations that serve underserved areas, and take kids out in nature, or provide them with outdoor adventures and experiences. We support any organization which inspires young people to use the power of nature and adventure to overcome challenges and thrive in community.


How to Apply

We are excited to partner and support you as an organization, as well as supporting the programs for youth. In your proposal or fund request please include:

1. Name and mission of your organization

2. Event requiring funding (including dates and locations)

3. Intended outcome of the event

4. Who and how many participants the event will reach

5. Any opportunities for Keaton's Kids' to volunteer/participate (if any)

6. Funding requested

7. Sponsorship levels (if any)

Images may be included (please keep to 2 pages)


What you can expect from us

• Financial support for an entire program or part of a program

• Promotion of those events or programs on our social media.

• Collaboration to support your organization’s goals.


In our partnership with you, we expect the following

• A specific program or event (which can be a component of a larger program), which can stand alone, and be able to be sponsored by and identified as, a “Keaton’s Kids sponsored” project or event.

• Some opportunities for our inclusion, volunteering, and engagement with the participants involved in the program/event.

• That Keaton’s Kids be acknowledged consistently as a sponsor through all social media.


We have a rolling application system for Keaton’s Kids. Our board meets 4 times a year. Next board meetings, April 3rd, 2023. June 5th, August 7th, October  2nd, and December 4th. Please have applications in 7 days before board meetings.

Please email applications to with "Request for sponsorship" in the subject line. 
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