We are inspired to honor the legacy for the life of Keaton Guthrie-Goss who died in 2018 on a surfing adventure in California. Keaton lived life to the fullest, and encouraged others to do the same. We would love for you to join us in honoring Keaton by supporting organizations and projects that provide underserved kids with transformational outdoor adventures and experiences in nature. 

Our Most Recent 2022 Project!!



What a day! June 18th 2022
We gave 75 boards to 75 very happy kids in Newburgh NY. We had a DJ, and lots of snacks, and someone showing the kids tips and tricks.

A great time was had by all! 

In 2022,  we will also...​

  • Take a Girl’s Empowerment group out to an adventure ropes course through NECS in Peekskill.

  • Fund a scholarship program through Shred Foundation in Newburgh to support some of their advanced students to go to a Mount Hood internship camp to learn the ins and outs of the snowboarding industry. This is an invaluable networking opportunity that promotes diversity in board and snow sports. 

  • Sponsor a Rock climbing trip to New Hampshire for the Queens based group, Young Women Who Crush July, 2022.

  • Teach kids swimming at a local pool in Garrison


And more exciting projects to come! 

2021 in a nutshell:

Our first year as a non-profit was a busy one. Since our founding in early 2021, we've hit the ground running, becoming an official 501(c)3 organization, surpassing our fundraising initial goal, and forming partnerships with non-profit organizations around the NY state area. In 2021, we have been able to roll out, help fund, and support a bike program through CatRock Ventures, which we will continue and expand in the new year. We also were able to help CatRock Ventures start a skateboarding program that we are excited to continue in 2022!