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Updated: Oct 5, 2022


Here are some of the kids who got the chance to get outside on skateboards thanks to Keaton's Kids, Keep It Moving Zane, Hacienda Skateshop, and your generous contributions.

Here's Nina on her very first board. Getting some tips from Deavon from Hacienda Skate Shop, and a little support from her dad and Cat.

And meet Ashley and Jazlyn. Two girls who got their very own skateboards at The Great Skate Give-Away. They loved talking about how important it was for girls to ride skateboards, too.

At the Giveaway, we heard from kids who were going to use their boards for transportation to work, others who were just looking forward to learning a few tips and tricks, and some who had been riding for years. Providing the boards and co-sponsoring the event is Keaton's Kids way of making sure everyone has the opportunity to experience the fun and joy of skateboarding. It was inspiring to see the experienced riders helping out the younger kids, and feeling the excitement in the air as the DJ played, the snacks were enjoyed by all, and the skate park filled up with the free event blue t-shirts.

We know Keaton would have been sooo jazzed by this event. Always for the underdog, always for justice and equality, knowing these boards were going to kids who may not be able to afford them otherwise would have made him very happy. As it did us! Here's Aidan talking about his "Dream Board":

We couldn't have done this without you and your support. And the partnership of Keep It Moving and Hacienda Skate Shop. It was a joint effort of love!

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