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We have sooooo much gratitude!

Updated: May 6, 2023

Hi-- it's Cat here-- with a heartfelt thank-you from Keaton's Kids.

It's Thanksgiving, and gratitude is on my mind!

Thanks to all of you for helping to bring this organization to life, for helping to keep Keaton's legacy alive, and for helping us reach out and impact 550(!) youth in the past year.

Thank you to our donors, our 2022 partners, and everyone who has "liked" one social media post, or told our story to a friend, or just sent us good wishes. We feel the good vibes!!

Thank you to the kids who entrusted their care to us as we taught them to ride bikes, or stretched their comfort levels on ropes courses, or hiking, or swimming.

My heart is so full thinking about this past year. Thanks for being a part of it.



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