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Summer's Over? Say it ain't so!

As the days get a little shorter, and the ads for back to school start to show up, we're getting a little nostalgic thinking back on our great summer.

Here are some highlights from the rock climbing trip Keaton's Kids supported for Young Women Who Crush, in Rumney, New Hampshire, in July. What an amazing trip for an amazing group of young women--and yes, they CRUSHED it!

At the first of August, we had our first Keaton's Kids Board Retreat here at KKids headquarters in Garrison. We had a very productive weekend, and got fired up to continue our great work. Our board members come from across the country and it was wonderful to see everyone in person and out of the little Zoom box. Bernadette O'Shea brought her adorable girls, too. Lena and Kamariia rock these t-shirts, don't they? And speaking of t-shirts-- If you'd like a Keaton's Kids t-shirt of your own, head over to and snag one. You get a great shirt, and we get a little somethin' somethin', too. Win/Win!!

All for now, my friends.

Drop us a line and let us know how you're doing.

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