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Special Memories of Keaton

Updated: May 6, 2023

We can't do what we do without the help of dedicated people like Chloé Wareham-Gordon, who handles our social media. You know those videos you've enjoyed on Instagram and FB? Those are the handiwork of Chloe.

Here's what she has to say about working with Keaton's Kids:

"I absolutely love being able to help promote the educational, empowering and transformative programs organized by Keaton’s Kids. In most of the photos and videos I curate for the pages, I see an assortment of smiles in different vistas: a rock-climbing gym, on a mountain’s apex, flying down a zip-line, cruising around a skatepark, splashing around a pool, on bikes in idyllic fields, on a volleyball court, etc. And I get to share all that joy with the rest of the social media world and all the supporters that make such work possible. These kids are formulating key memories and skills that they will bring with them for the rest of their lives.

What makes working for such an account even more fulfilling is that it actively honors the memory of a fearless, bright human being—a star who was lost too soon—and former schoolmate of mine at Garrison School (elementary and middle school), Keaton, who was 2 grades above me. What I remember most about him was his swagger—he was effortlessly cool with his blonde mop top locks, baggy graphic t-shirts, khaki shorts, large smile, ability to quote the then-popular rappers, and baseball cap/hat. To me, he always seemed to be… popular with the ladies in his year (lots of crushes on him, I suspect). I would pass by him in our middle school hallway (literally one small hallway—small school!), and he would seem to take up the entire space with his charisma and humor. With that charm and natural effervescence, he captured the stage as the lead of our production of The Music Man, directed by Cat and Joel, Keaton's father. Oh, Joel—I thought he was such a character! And I used to get so excited seeing Cat on commercials on TV—she was always a celebrity in my eyes. It’s such a great privilege and joy to get to work with her—and Kevin—as we showcase the efforts and accomplishments of Keaton’s Kids. I know Keaton would be proud of what Cat, Kevin and the rest of the Keaton’s Kids team have built. His legacy lives on."

Chloe at the Great Skate Giveaway in 2022

We love hearing your memories of Keaton. What are your special memories of Keaton? Drop us a line!! Thanks for all your help, Chloe!

(You can find more of Chloe at

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