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March 2023 Update!

Sometimes, you just need a hand up!

Like Ben here, we all need a hand up once in awhile. We at Keaton's Kids loved watching these new snowboarders go from needing a hand up just to stand on the board, to flying down the mountain on their own! The last week we joined the kids, Ben was zooming down the mountain like a pro.

We talked to one new snowboarder named Omar who said that in his neighborhood in Newburgh, he couldn't have dreamed of doing something like this. It just wasn't in his sites, or thought of as possible. Outdoor sports are so often considered only the realm of the rich. That's why what Keaton's Kids does is so important. And as I said last time, it took a village, with Shred, and Windham, and the Boys and Girls Club, to get them out there! Thanks for you help!!

"I look happy", he said, as he walked his board back up the hill the first week of snowboarding. "Why do you look happy?" we asked? "Because I'm getting better." He said. There's nothing like working hard and getting better at something to boost confidence! We loved that the youth had 5 weeks to work on their skills on the mountain!

In the know: What's next for Keaton's Kids

Sunday night we'll be attending a graduation for Trek bicycle academy graduates. These CatRock members have completed the program to learn how to be bike technicians! Keaton's Kids was instrumental in getting CatRock's Biking Academy up and running. We're proud of these young people who have gone through the program and will know everything there is to know about bikes, and a way to earn extra money no matter what life throws them!


We're super excited that last night we had a meeting to plan our 2nd ANNUAL GREAT SKATE GIVEAWAY in Newburgh, NY. We will be giving away 100 boards to 100 kids again this year in economically challenged Newburgh, NY.

It's not all fun and games with Keaton's Kids. Here's Kevin and Isaac from CatRock working hard building more storage space in the Bronx for the next round of bikes we'll be buying for younger kids. We'll be starting up with bike rides soon, and we'll be prepared!

So much to look forward to this year!

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