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Snowboarding = FREEDOM.

We had the amazing experience of taking almost 50 kids to Wyndham Mountain for a snowboarding trip the last 4 Sundays.

Kevin and I loved being with these dedicated young people, many of whom were learning to ride for the first time, falling down and getting up, over and over and over, until the lessons kicked in and they were flying down the mountain faster than we could keep up sometimes.

Here's what some of the kids said about what their favorite thing about snowboarding was: FREEDOM.

It truly took a village to get these new boarders on this trip.

The kids were all recruited from The Boys and Girls Club in Newburgh, NY. The Shred Foundation, an organization we love, which gets kids out of the cities and on the mountain on boards organized the trip, Wyndham Mountain contributed lift tickets and amazing instructors, and Keaton's Kids brought the kids to the mountain. We paid for the huge buses they needed to bring all the kids up. Sooo many youth get trapped in the city because the transportation they need to get out is just too expensive.

Keaton's Kids thanks you, and the snowboarders thank you for your help!

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