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Hear what we've been up to from Cat, Keaton's mom and Keaton's Kids Founder.

We are so grateful and actually awestruck by the amount of love and support we’ve received from our donors in this, our very first year! We set a goal to earn $50,000 this year and we are already very close to reaching that goal. What seemed like a pipe dream when we started is now very real, and we think we can do even better. Thank you so much for not only your financial support, but also for your emotional support as we navigated our way in this new non-profit world.

We are also grateful for our partnership with CatRock and are so excited to continue working with them as they expand the bike initiative which Keaton’s Kids funded and help them start this year.

It’s been an amazingly successful roll out. With Keaton’s Kids support they led weekly day trips, impacted dozens of young riders, taught teens who had never ridden how to ride, mentored and improved the skills of others. And now we are looking to expand, buy more bikes for middle school age kids, and continue the program next year as well.

We will be joining CatRock in their Bike-a-thon on October 17th. Will you join Keaton’s Kid’s Team and ride with us? You’ll be able to meet some of the kids whose lives have been impacted by the biking program, join others for breakfast and lunch, and get a beautiful ride on the Bronx River Parkway. Click the link below to join us or contribute. See you there!

Photo courtesy of CatRock Ventures.

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