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Hear what we've been up to from Cat, Keaton's mom and Keaton's Kids Founder.

We’ve all heard “it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it also takes a village to raise a Non-Profit. And Keaton’s Kids has an amazing village. We can’t do it without you, of course, and we can’t do it without our amazing partners. I’ve mentioned before how I admire the hard working directors of the established organizations we’re partnering with. Craig Meisner, director of CatRock Ventures is always coming up with creative ideas to keep his kids active and growing, even through the pandemic. This summer, Keaton’s Kids will be buying skateboards for the CatRock kids. We’ve even got cool Keaton’s Kids logo stickers to go on the boards.

Yesterday we met with Danny Hairston, director of Shred Foundation. He filled us in on all the great changes they’ve made since we first met last fall. A new Community Center in the works, a summer snowboard program (indoors!). We approached Danny about the idea of taking some of the Shred kids on a day-long Adventure Ropes Course this summer. Kevin and I just discovered these ropes courses, and after a day on the course we come away feeling empowered, challenged, excited, and ready for bigger things in life. We thought it would be great for a one-off summer adventure.

One of the ideas we have for Keaton’s Kids is to be a “Make a Wish”-type organization for hard working-foundations. So when Danny mentioned he’d like to start a skateboarding program for his kids for a summer program, and they had lots of boards offered to them, but none of the wheels and trucks and bearings you need to ride the boards, we said, “Your wish is our command. Let Keaton’s Kids help with that.” That’s another joint effort which we know would get Keaton’s seal of approval! And yes, those cool stickers will have another place to go.

So we are definitely enjoying building our village, as our village helps to build us.

It does take a village, and we are so grateful for ours.

Photo courtesy of CatRock Ventures.

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