Young Women Who Crush (YWWC) is a rock climbing and leadership development program serving young women and gender expansive youth from NYC public schools. YWWC empowers its participants to recognize their own power and potential through climbing, mentorship, and community. YWWC’s curriculum is designed to help young women recognize their own strength and realize their potential through a discipline they may not have experienced before: climbing. The YWWC program empowers girls to become not just climbers, but leaders in both their communities and the outdoors.

YWWC is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. They currently serve young women from 10 New York City public schools and have built a community that provides a safe space for dialogue around issues related to gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality and other dimensions of identity. YWWC believes in gender inclusivity and their program is open to gender expansive youth.

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